Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept PayPal.  However, PayPal do allow the use of Credit Card payments without the need to create a PayPal account.

I don't live in Australia.  Will you ship to my country?

Unfortunately we only ship to Australian addresses.  This is due to import restrictions of somne countries, as well as shipping costs.

I require my order urgently.  Can Kiss Kraft do Urgent Orders?

In general, we do not accept any Urgent Orders.  However, if you require standard, non personalised products then please feel free to send us an email from the Contact Us page with complete details of your request.  Please include your delivery postcode and the latest date you can receive the order as well as complete product details of all products you require.  Unless we have all the information for your request, we won't be able to answer you accurately.

I need to talk to someone about a product or and order.  Do you have a phone number I can call you on?

Unfortunately we do not take calls regarding our products or orders.  We have found that all enquiries are better handled via email.  Please send us an email from the Contact Us page.

What delivery options are available for my Kiss Kraft order?

We currently offer 3 ways to receive your order:

  1. Australia Post - Signature on Delivery and Insured
  2. Australia Post - Signature on Delivery - Not insured
  3. Pickup from our location in Geelong, Victoria

The advantages of each are:

  1. Signature with Insurance - Your order will require a signature on arrival and will be covered by Australia Post if the order is damaged or lost during the postal process.  This is the recommended, but most expensive option.
  2. Signature but not Insured - Your order will require a signature on arrival.  However, you will not be covered by Australia Post or Kiss Kraft in the event that your order gets lost or is damaged.
  3. Pickup from us is free and is the safest way to ensure that you recieve your order, however this option is only available to people within the Greater Geelong area.  This is determined by your postcode.

We strongly encourage the Insured option.  Kiss Kraft won't be held responsible to any damage incured during the postal process, or for lost orders.  Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Why do you require signature on delivery for all orders?  This adds to the cost, so why is it necessary?

We insist on signature on delivery to protect us as well as yourself.  Signature on delivery ensures that you (and only you!) take receipt of your order.  Australia Post will leave any parcel which does have signature on delivery, and this means that your order could sit out in the weather, possibly resulting in damaged products or even theft of your order.

I am wondering if I can pick up my order from you?

Customers within the greater Geelong area are given the option during checkout to collect their order instead of getting it posted to them.  Please note that a manufacturing time will still be in place and we will notify you once your order is ready for collection.

Your words have sizes like 12cm, 15cm and 18cm listed as options.  What does this mean?

The sizes listed refer to the size of the uppercase letter.  So a 12cm high word "Smith" would mean that the "S" would be 12cm high.  Note that even if you order an all lowercase word, it will still be sized from an uppercase letter.

I'd like a custom sized box.  Can you make this for me?

Unfortunately we do not do customised products.

You mention "personalised" and "custom" products.  Whats the difference?

A Personalised product is a product such as a word which has been made to your required name or word.

A Custom product is a product that you want, but is a product that we do not offer as part of our standard product range.  This could include a custom sized box, a custom wishing well or some other item which requires design from scratch.