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These high quality Vinyl Decals are specifically designed to fit the roof area on our Wishing Wells.

Supplied as a 4 line design with the general layout as shown in the image.

2 decals are provided with the same wording on both decals.  This allows you to put one on each side of the roof, or one on the roof and one on the box front.  Note that to fit these on the box front, the decal will need to be cut with scissors and split in to individual pieces.

Simply supply the details you want the on the decals in the box below, along with your selected colour.

Decals are simple to apply.  Just paint your Wishing Well and allow it to dry completely.  Then slowly separate the backing from the application sheet, align the application sheet (which now has the lettering stuck to it) to the desired position and apply it.  Before removing the application sheet, get a flat edges item (Old credit/bank cards work well) and wipe from the center out ensure that the lettering has stuck to your Wishing Well.  Once your lettering has been applied, slowly remove the application sheet.  It is best to work from one corner.

Decals are also easily removed, allowing you to re-sell the blank Wishing Well after you have finished with it.


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Vinyl Decal - Names - Suits Wishing Wells

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